Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sometimes life is a little crummy!

I am new at this and thinking that it could be a good way to keep track of where we have traveled each day in the life of "The Grahams". With major organization happening in the garage for the big Canoe trip. I am not sure if the homefront will ever be the same. Yes there will be pictures to follow I am sure. With each day comes new changes- as a mom I guess I am ready to embark on the new adventure of soon to have no kids at home. Not really ready for that but then I am not seeing the option for a choice. With kids going off to school and them not needing mom and dad like they use to is hard to adjust to but we are learning to keep the hands off the buttons on the phone and only call when absolutely necessary- okay there is a slip now and then and a call is made but for the most part- very good on the do not call list.